Hey guys my name is Larry Hernandez. I am a new sales rep for a Toyota-Scion Dealership. My question to you is, what can I doo in my first months through the year to build my business. I have been actively selling for the last month and I have sold about 12 units so far. What can I do to get to the 20+ area within the next couple of years.

Making appointments

Hello guys Larry here again. My dealership just changed to an up system. e come in in the mornings, sign up on a roster, and a greeter brings in the ups, hands them to a manager, and then they go down the line handing them to one of the salepeople. My question to you is how do I get better at making appointments in order not to rely on the few ups we get. For example, i have been at work since 8 am and it is 2:37 and I still haven’t gotten an up. Your help is appreciated as always.

Lease Here Pay Here

I am seeking knowlege on lease here pay here systems and have some basic questions concerning my search.
1. Will I have to create a seperate business license to do lease here pay here
2. are my residuals on used vehicles calculated from a specific source or can I create my own by using either nada or black book.


We are using Dealerclick currently but our contract runs out soon. I was wondering about other dms systems you may know about.

We are a small dealership (30 cars per month sold) but we are looking to grow sales and I am looking for better tools for sales.

I would like to find an affordable dms that either has a crm or integrates with a crm easily. I also need info on crm software as well.


customer give me some trouble today

I had a customer come back today that really threw me for a loop. She had driven the car the day before (actually a Yukon Denali) its a used car and it had a couple of issue’s that the garage hadn’t had a chance to fix due to it being new on the lot.

She drove the car but wasn’t completely sold on it due to issue’s with the car. ( power windows didn’t work, door lock on one side, she claimed it was pulling hard to the left and soft brakes.

When she had returned after the drive I assured her I would get the mechanics to work on the car and she agreed to come back the next day. We had fixed the windows and the doorlocks but my boss the owner said the car drives fine it was likely just the wind pushing the Yukon around. As far as the brakes the mechanic’s told me the brakes was working normally and just explain thats normal for the GM Denali.

Her Return. She returned today with more family and a self proclaimed mechanic. I explained the windows was fixed along with the power door locks. I told her how the mechanics said the brakes was normal for the Yukon ( her mechanic agree’d with that point) As far as the truck pulling I told her the mechanics looked it over and thought it was fine. I don’t believe they drove it sadly. And I didn’t have the chance to drive it as we are a bit short handed lately due to people having time off. I didn’t really want to tell her the mechanics and my boss thought it was due to the wind but I told her I thought it could be a combination of wind and tire pressure.

She took it out for a drive She came back fairly negative I got her to explain that the windows and power door locks was corrected but she wasn’t convinced about the brakes and the car pulling to the left.

My main question lies here. I spoke with her and her mechanic for a bit and now had another problem the mechanic liked the vehicle but now thought it was too big and she would crash it. Also he claimed it was still pulling to the left due to get this mixing an old kingpin with a new kingpin. Gmc Yukons don’t have kingpins thats more a heavy truck item. Now I didn’t really want to have a debate with the customer’s friend so I re confirmed he was a mechanic and Offered set it up where her mechanic could fix it. Sadly by now the deal was pretty much dead and I was at a loss so I had my manager come out and give it a try. He had no luck either.

Any suggestions on how to have handled this better? Biggest thing I regret is not having the time to drive the car after the mechanics cleared it. Other than that I wonder if I could have handled it better. So again anybody have any idea’s


credit app completion time

My finance manager often takes 12 hours or more to get an answer on a loan. Keep in mind he is faster if they have better credit more like 4 hours. Is that a normal response time? Oh a bit of background we sell around 30 cars a month with just 1 finance manager but in a pinch our manager can also do an app. It just seems terribly slow but I have no experience elsewhere to compare it too.