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Introduce Yourself to the Forum

I’m George and I’m new to the industry. After specializing in marketing and selling print, radio and internet ad packages to retail businesses for the last nine years, I began selling Kia’s a month ago. My first six "ups" I sold 5 cars. My next 16 I sold 0. I’m learning as I go and am grateful for this site and looking forward to what I can learn from those of you with way more experience than I have.

I do love the business, even the long hours. Not so crazy about shoveling all the snow off the cars and moving them back and forth but you do what you have to do right?


Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Mike Whitty, president of Salesperson, Inc.. I’ve been training vehicle salespeople and managers for over 20 years. The first 8 years in business I specialized in large group seminars for the manufacturers, while continuing to develop various training products. In 1990 I wrote my first book, "The Complete Guide to Selling New Cars", and since then have enjoyed selling my programs on the internet.

Aside from training salespeople and managers, I specialize in helping dealerships develop their Internet Departments. Since I’ve been successfully selling my products on the internet since 1995, I feel like I have a grasp of what it takes for a dealership to be successful in internet sales.

Read the Rules

Hi Everyone,

And welcome to the forum. As you can see i’ve tried to build a huge reservoir of vehicle-related articles that you can learn from. And it will continue to grow.

The purpose of this forum is to exchange ideas for the purpose of continuous growth. The only way an individual can become an expert in vehicle sales and management is to continuously learn his/her trade. By visiting this forum and reading the articles on a daily basis, and by submitting your ideas so that everyone can learn, we will develop a free learning venue that is second to none.

You are welcome to submit articles in each forum. As an administrator, some of the articles I have submitted have been written by me, and some I have found on the internet written by an industry expert. For those articles I have given full credit to the author with complete contact information at the end of each article.

You can reply to any of the articles with your comments, suggestions, ideas or rebuttals. In doing so, please remember that professionalism remains at the forefront.

Please follow these simple rules for keeping the forum to the highest standards:

[list:1gdywuxp]1. Refrain from using foul language.

2. Respect all member’s opinions and rebut for the purpose of debate.

3, If posting someone else’s articles, give full credit to the author.[/list:u:1gdywuxp]

Please make sure you refer this forum to everyone you know related to the vehicle industry. With your help this forum will grow and become the focal point of free learning.

Enjoy the forum,
Mike Whitty