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Read the Rules

In order to receive the most from your learning experience here, professional and ethical behavior must be at the forefront. This forum is meant soley to educate and train vehicle dealership employees. So please follow these simple rules:

1. Treat all members with respect. You will experience different views that may not conform to yours. And you are more than welcome to respond with passion. But under no circumstances will you spam a member or use bad language to make your point. This will be definite grounds for banning.

2. As a vendor, you are not allowed to solicit members to sell your wares. You may post your wares in the appropriate section, but you must let the member contact you, or visit your site. Any abuse of this rule will be subject to banning.

3. If you post an article that promotes anything other than fair and ethical practices, your article will be removed from the forum and you will be banned.

For any person who truly cares about his/her profession, these are very easy to follow. Good luck, and enjoy the forum.

Continued success,