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TOP Training Solutions

TOP Training Solutions specialise in sales and profitability performance enhancement systems for motor vehicle retailers in the UK

The business was established in 2002 by Stephen Turner, who developed the company’s flagship Flying Start Course from his twenty plus years in motor vehicle sales and management, and he continues to personally deliver all Flying Start Courses ensuring a quality service and great value is delivered every time

As well as many years hands on experience in sales and management, Stephen also has many years experience as a trainer and coach, and has worked with many hundreds of Sales Executives, Managers, Retailer Principals and Proprietors

He is a qualified training and development specialist, and holds a host of industry recognised training qualifications including the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Certificate in Training Practice

Stephen always professes that his training is not about trying to ‘re-invent the wheel’, but sticks to the basics of training others in employing well proven and robust sales processes which help make the purchasing process as easy as possible for our Customers

Stephen has a dynamic delivery style, and uses innovative methods for getting the message across including lots of activities, exercises, video, audio and comprehensive written materials

This makes training sessions with Stephen interesting, educational, inspirational and motivational, givig your sales team the relevant knowledge and skills required to carry out their roles effectively, skills which can then be put in to action straight away

So if you are looking to enhance the sales and profitability of your Retailer and would like any further information about how TOP Training Solutions may be able to help, please contact Stephen personally on 07986 473054 or visit

TOP Training Solutions……Training and Innovations for Car Sales Professionals

AutoMax Sales Training and Consulting LLC

AutoMax is known as the indusry leader and most requested salesperson recruiting and training company in the country.Starting our 11th year we are located in Linwood NJ and service car dealers all over North America,AutoMax creates help wanted ads using both print and our powerful presence with the major job boards to get a quanity of quality applicants for dealers looking to hire "committed,well trained salespeople with no bad habits"! Craig Lockerd is the Founder and President with over 35 years in the automobile business and Glen Crawford Vice President.For more information

Michael Learning Group

Mike Whitty
Author, Trainer, Consultant for Vehicle Dealerships

Mike has been training dealership salespeople and managers for over 20 years. He has received national acclaim for his training techniques, communication skills and development of training tools.

Mike conducts seminars and workshops for manufacturers, for retail dealers and for vehicle satellite training networks. His publications have been purchased by manufacturers, dealers, managers and salespeople, are widely popular because of the easy and practical way they help improve dealership sales and management.

Mike has been a speaker at several conventions, including the National Auto Dealers Association and the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association conventions.

To learn more about Mike, visit his personal website at [url:anb981gl][/url:anb981gl].

About Michael Learning Group
Celebrating 20 Years in Business

Michael Learning Group is an automotive, rv, motorcycle and marine dealership training and product development company whose goal is the success of dealership salespeople and managers. We specialize in teaching salespeople and managers to become financially secure by combining selling skills and business skills training, and by developing the tools necessary to achieve that next level of sales and financial success.

Michael Learning Group prides itself in creating sales books, training manuals, organizational systems, audios and email training programs for automotive, rv, motorcycle and marine dealership salespeople and managers. Our products have been purchased by dealerships and manufacturers, and are sold in countries around the world, including Asia, Russia, Japan, Spain, Mexico and England.

All of our products are downloadable and can be purchased online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To see which products will help you reach that next level, click on the appropriate industry to the left.

Along with the quality dealership training tools that have made Michael Learning Group famous, we also provide a wide-array of automotive sales training, rv sales training, motorcycle sales training and marine sales training programs from Basic and Advanced Selling Skills, to Internet Department Development and Training. You can rely on Michael Learning Group to develop a program tailored specifically to your dealership. Call (313) 286-3624 to find out more.

You can visit our product site at [url:anb981gl][/url:anb981gl].