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The Complete Guide to Selling New Cars
by Mike Whitty

When an individual makes the commitment to become an automobile salesperson, he receives very little, if any, training. Although training and development programs are gaining importance in the industry, it takes more than what is currently being offered to adequately prepare the salesperson for today’s market.

The Complete Guide to Selling New Cars will give you everything you need to begin, or continue an excited career in automobile sales.

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How You Can Make $100,000 Per Year in Auto Sales
by Mike Whitty

In every dealership, there are professionals who earn over $100,000 or more per year and there are those who are starving. Often, the difference between sales superstars and average salespeople does not come down to good looks, better education, more product knowledge, or even knowledge of more sales techniques. It comes down to a professional mind-set and a solid work ethic. Those who are proud of what they sell, the services they provide, and what they do are vastly more successful than all others in the automotive

In most dealerships, all salespeople receive the same training and learn the same sales techniques. Given all of these similarities, how are some salespeople able to become sales superstars and make $100,000 per year, while so many other salespeople struggle just to make their draw?

The success of sales superstars goes beyond having good cars to sell, knowledge of those vehicles, and knowledge of sales techniques. $100,000 per year. Isn’t it amazing how many people throw that fi gure around in normal conversation. You’re asked how much money you want to make this year, and you respond, “I want to make over $100,000 per year. Like $100,000 per year is that magic figure that everyone strives for, yet few people in the auto sales industry attain.

According to the latest figures, the average income for an auto salesperson is between $35,000 and $42,000 per year. Now this is in an industry where you can conceivably make unlimited income, sky’s the limit. Well, where is all this unlimited income? I’m here to tell you, it’s out there. Someone is making it. Your job is to ask yourself, “why isn’t it me, and how am I going to do it”.

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The Essentials of Closing, Negotiating and Handling Objections
by Mike Whitty

The moment a salesperson and prospect meet, the negotiation process is sparked. And of course, customers will naturally vie for the best possible price they can get for the car they want. So, in such a competitive industry where a better deal is only a phone call or keystroke away, what salespeople really need to recognize is that negotiation is an art form. The need to utilize demonstrated tools that provide expert-level skills for successfully closing more deals and making more of a profit for both the salesperson and the dealership alike is a must.

Close More, Make More! is a training program that covers:

Negotiating Techniques
Closing Techniques
and Handling Objections

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Winning the Internet Sales Game
by Mike Whitty

“Winning the Internet Sales Game” is the first (In-the-Box) training course to help Auto dealerships develop their internet sales. This is an excellent program for Auto dealerships to increase their sales and profits through an exciting and virtually new medium – the internet.

The development of an e-dealership is the next step towards your sales evolution, and "Winning the Internet Sales Game" can make your job much easier. By utilizing the course information found on the CD-Rom, along with the printed materials and forms, you can get your internet department up-and-running in a matter of weeks, not months.

Visit [url:1m5vx2ws][/url:1m5vx2ws]for more information.



Learning While Listening – Audiobook Program
by Mike Whitty

Most successful vehicle salespeople and managers would love to improve themselves by reading and taking courses, but lack the time to do so. This is where audiobooks can play an important role in your professional career and give you the competitive edge.




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TOP Training Solutions

The TOP Training Solutions [i:3e2ecwr7]Flying Start[/i:3e2ecwr7] Car Sales Training Course

Ideal for new starters to car sales
A valuable refresher for the more experienced ‘old hand’
A ‘train the trainer’ for Sales Controllers and Managers
A powerful workshop for Retailer Principals and Proprietors

The [i:3e2ecwr7]Flying Start[/i:3e2ecwr7] Car Sales Training Course is proven to help enhance sales and profitability performance

It isn’t about trying to ‘re-invent the wheel’, but what you’ll be able to do is:

Demonstrate how to carry out a well proven and robust sales process

Demonstrate how to turn incoming telephone enquiries in to confirmed appointments

Demonstrate how to get results from prospecting activity

The [i:3e2ecwr7]Flying Start[/i:3e2ecwr7] Car Sales Training Course is two days packed to bursting with activities and exercises
and covers many areas including :

Having the right Attitude, Focus and Goals

Recognising body language in ourselves and others

Creating a great first impression

Guiding visitors through the sale

Maximising sales through effective data capture

Carrying out the perfect qualification

Appraising the part exchange professionally

Raising desire with impacting presentations and demonstrations

Having confidence in asking for the order

Addressing our Customers’ questions and concerns

Professionally presenting proposals


The [i:3e2ecwr7]Flying Start[/i:3e2ecwr7] Car Sales Training Course will show you how to maximise sales and profitability

Maximising paint protection sales

Maximising finance and PCP penetration

Gaining incremental sales from effective follow up

Turning telephone enquiries in to confirmed appointments

Generating sales from effective prospecting activity

And much more!

The [i:3e2ecwr7]Flying Start [/i:3e2ecwr7]Car Sales Training Course is educational, inspirational and motivational

The TOP Training Solutions [i:3e2ecwr7]Flying Start[/i:3e2ecwr7] Car Sales Training Course is a fabulous introduction
for new starters to car sales, a valuable refresher for the more experienced ‘old hand’, a great
‘train the trainer’ for Sales Controllers and Managers,a powerful workshop for Retailer Principals
and Proprietors, and proven to help enhance sales and profitability performance

The [i:3e2ecwr7]Flying Start[/i:3e2ecwr7] Car Sales Training Course
has been developed by industry professionals who actually work
within motor vehicle retailers

The [i:3e2ecwr7]Flying Start[/i:3e2ecwr7] Car Sales Training Course is two days packed with activities, exercises, audio and video
and also includes comprehensive written materials from the course

The [i:3e2ecwr7]Flying Start[/i:3e2ecwr7]Car Sales Training Course is delivered by TOP Training Solutions’ proprietor Stephen Turner,
ensuring a top quality service and great value is delivered every time

Stephen has over twenty five years experience within the motor industry, and has worked successfully
with many hundreds of Sales Executives and Managers as a trainer and coach

He holds a host of nationally recognised training qualifications including the Chartered Institute of
Personnel and Development Certificate in Training Practice

The [i:3e2ecwr7]Flying Start [/i:3e2ecwr7]Car Sales Training Course is proven to aid in sales and profitability performance enhancement,
with references available on request

To help save time, travel, and accommodation costs, The Flying Start Course can be delivered at your
Retailer premises or a venue local and convenient to you

Especially for smaller sales teams, The [i:3e2ecwr7]Flying Start[/i:3e2ecwr7] Car Sales Training Course is also held monthly in the North
West of England as an ‘open course’, should you wish to have just one or two Delegates attend – visit the
TOP Training Solutions website for details

TOP Training Solutions are an approved training provider with ‘Business Link’, boasting a Five Star rating
and, subject to qualifying criteria, ‘Business Link’ can help towards the funding of TOP Training Solutions’
training programs

Stephen strives to keep the operating costs of TOP Training Solutions to a minimum (he doesn’t have an
administration department or marketing team to pay for example), and these savings are passed on to
Clients making TOP Training Solutions probably the most competitive and best value training provider in
the UK

TOP Training Solutions also support manufacturer’s training and can offer training and coaching programs
on specific aspects of the sales process including electronic lead management

All TOP Training Solutions products and services come with a 100% iron clad money back guarantee
– if you’re not absolutely delighted – your investment is refunded IN FULL* – so if you’d like to
give us a try there really is nothing to lose

For further details of how TOP Training Solutions may be able to help you enhance your sales and profitability
performance, or for further details of The [i:3e2ecwr7]Flying Start[/i:3e2ecwr7] Car Sales Training Course call Stephen on 07986 473054
or visit the TOP Training Solutions website

* Subject to terms and conditions

For further details, without obligation, please call Stephen Turner on 07986 473054 or visit

Please note – the Flying Start Car Sales Training Course is currently only available in UK

TOP Training Solutions……Training and Innovations for Car Sales Professionals