Beware of the Spot Delivery!

The "spot delivery" is a technique that car dealers use to get you to take delivery of a vehicle immediately after you agree on a car deal.

Car dealers know that if you make a deal, then wait a day or two before picking up your vehicle – which is fairly common – there’s a good chance you are going to have second thoughts and may possibly cancel the deal and start looking elsewhere.

If you make a car deal and wait a few days before picking it up you may mention the deal to someone who proceeds to tell you that you are getting ripped-off! You might also start thinking about all those car payments and decide you want to hold off.

There are countless scenarios that may cause you to change your mind or get a case of "Buyer’s Remorse" as car people like to call it. This is the car sales persons worst nightmare!

Car sales people know they have to get you when you’re "HOT," or when you’re all worked up emotionally. They don’t want to give you time to think it over. They are going to do everything they can to get you down the road in your new vehicle "Right Now!"

Everything is Now, Now, Now! In the Car Business There’s No Tomorrow!

From my own experience, I have noted that no matter how apprehensive the customer gets when you rush them into their new car, they clearly sigh in relief once the paperwork is signed and they are about to leave in their new vehicle. In their own mind the deal is done, so there is no reason to give it any more thought!

SO BEWARE. . . the Psychology Works!

Often, if you are allowing the car dealer to handle the financing (Bad Idea), the Finance Manager will throw together some bank papers for you to sign, and then, usually, after you’re down the road, he’ll get the deal approved at the bank, and hope they go along with the rate and terms that he signed you up for!

Now this is where it can get real sticky; If for some reason they can’t get the deal put together with the bank whose paperwork you signed, they have to go to another bank then get you back in to sign new paperwork!

If this happens Watch Out! I guarantee you the payment is going up, or the term is going to be longer. In other words it’s going to cost you more money! If they can’t get the loan bought anywhere then they have to get the car back from you! Not a pleasant situation for them or you!

It’s a crazy, high pressure system and you don’t want to get caught up in it. This is why it is so important for you to be fully prepared before you ever step foot on the car lot!

The bottom line is this: Take your time, think it through and don’t let the sales person rush you into anything. You want to be sure you are making the best decision for you . . . not for the car dealer’s bank account!

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